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02m axle flange removal

02m axle flange removal Push flanged end of axle B shaft toward the center of the . Manufacturer: Genuine Volkswagen/Audi. Need technical advice on axle drive flange removal so I can replace the seal. This seal installs inside the axle flange, which is where the drive axles bolt to the transmission. lbs on each. Feb 17, 2003 · Axle Centerpiece 6. Today I decided to tackle it. Replace existing axle flange gasket with new 10051974 gasket on both sides and install axle shaft. Remove the inner CV joint shield (3X 6mm allen). 5. Heat treated pressure screw for toughness. (b) ensure the earth connection is made to the axle beam, preventing the passage of current through the wheel bearings. Be the first to review this product. Front Axle Flange Seal. Otherwise, wheel bearing will be damaged → Running gear, axles, steering; Rep. Remove reverse idler shaft support bracket, removing inside retaining bolt with 4" (100 mm) Torx T45 key. Circlip pliers, screw driver, home made flange tool, 17mm wrench, 8mm wrench, and some bubblegum scented gloves. Now install the correct side rotor and secure with 3 lug nuts. 3) To remove axle bearing from tube, use Bearing Remover (J-29369-1 for K2; J-29369-2 for K3). If the axle shaft(s) splines are not twisted or broken and/or the bearing race Sep 30, 2016 · Grasp the axle flange and firmly (and carefully) pull the axle straight out. Taking the selection diagram for the sake of cla-rity, the individual gears can be assigned to the power transfers shown in the figure on the right. Pair of Axle Spacers 19mm (0. Remove the axle shafts, 5 bolts on the backing plate flange on post 64 units, use puller for pressed-in pre-65 units. 01/0. Oil Fill Plug 1/4 NPT 3/8 NPT 9/16 - 18 20 - 25 20 - 25 20 - 25 O-Ring Style Bolt-On ABS Ring Screw 8 - 32 1/4 - 20 18 - 22 in-lbs Length: 26'-4" 8. Remove magnetic drain plug and drain lubricant 3. Remove axle shafts from housing. e. E46 vehicles only: • Note the mounting bolt holes on the rear drive flange shown in the Step #8 - E46 photo. . It uses a rubber lip-type seal to keep gear lube from slipping past the pinion flange during normal operation. 40. To remove the flange/yoke, you will need to use a puller. Remove wheel housing covers. The bearing caps are machined in place with the gear case. Fits on both 90mm and 100cm flanges. (Drivers side shown) Axle rotor register Axle flange face 8. For vehicles with intermediate shaft, with vehicle standing on its wheels, loosen flange bolt -2-for right drive shaft -1-a maximum of 90°. Yoke and bolt are threaded 5/8 In. 05m x 76mm), automatic lockout cylinders. Discount: $138. 2 Getting Service Wood-Mizer is committed to providing you with the latest technology, best quality and Jun 03, 2015 · In answer to your question though yes you remove the 6 bolts at the differential to pull the axle shaft, first remove rear wheel then rear exhaust then drive flange collar nut at center of outside rear wheel hub, have a assistant apply the brake while trying to loosen it and be prepared to use a lot of pressure as it torqued to 221 ft lbs Golf Mk4 > Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Power transmission > 6-speed manual gearbox 02M, 02Y, all-wheel drive > Gearbox mechanics,operation, construction,diff. If a vehicle must be moved, be sure to note the following: Install an outer joint in place of the drive axle. "02m / o2m 6 speed into mk3 12v VR6 (Pictures Fixed) Compliments of nater @ vwvortex. You will need to return them to their original position and orientation (as with the 8. May 28, 2006 · 33 minute read. SKU. Remove upper transaxle-to-engine bolts. If a stud comes out during removal of nut, remove the nut from the stud and reinstall the stud into the hub. Install the puller so that it is secure and will pull the flange/yoke off evenly from the pinion. I cannot get the axle stub out of the differential. In addition, flying pieces of the axle flange can cause serious injury. Brakes Nov 12, 2018 · Swapping over the brakes and rotors on my wifes 300 CE (88) and I wont have a 12 point socket big enough to remove the axle flange nut so Ill have to go buy one and was wondering if someone out there knows the size to buy. Torque the lug nuts to spec. the axle. The drive flange should now pull straight out. 25mm wall thickness) allows original seal size to be used with minimal additional lip loading Axle Flange - Volkswagen (02M-409-351-M) Part can be found as reference #13 in illustration. Remove shields from above right and left inner CV joints. Using the special tool, remove the pinion flange. 0T, Volkswagen Golf VI 2. Axle Drive Flange Seal (Passenger) Right - Non Sport Diff Remove This Item; Compare. Be sure to keep these in a secure place as replacements are not always readily available and those that may be don’t always look the same as Introduction 1 Getting Service 1-2 WMdoc072619 Introduction 1. The yoke and bolt are threaded 5/8—inch drive center hole for the wheel studs and are constructed of heat-treated alloy steel that is drop forged to stand up Apr 26, 2021 · Use a 6mm hex bit (circled in green) to remove the centre bolt holding the drive flange to the diff. Using a screwdriver, pry out deflector and oil seal. #2 · Jun 25, 2016. 4. 73 was $19. Frame Wide-flange beam, 12” (305mm), 35 Ib/ft (52kg/m). Up to 1 qt. Install this new seal to prevent contaminants from getting inside your transmission, or your transmission oil from leaking out. 7. Remove axle shafts. Qty. The XJ and MJ Dana 44's were used from 1987 to 1990 with some Metric Ton or Tow Packages and are considered rare. Click to expand Yep, this works like a champ. Remove axle shafts from C Sep 01, 2016 · the paint from the existing rear axle shaft flange studs. 56 was $12. Remove all (8) eight nuts and star washers on both sides. Corp. Mar 12, 2018 · The fourth-generation F-body is equipped with GM's 7. 5-28-2006. Then you can also remove the smaller parts, such as the vent hose fitting, plus the various brake lines and related brackets, etc. This will give you something to wrench against since there is no resistance on the differential. desassmble the angle drive from the 02M transmission. A spring and a plastic ring are mounted on the drive shaft flange, part number: 02M 409 356 A (not always strange). Shift selector shaft to neutral, then remove gear selector mechanism (2 bolts). So I started with a hammer. Only show this user. 2kg Tire Size Use this special tool to remove the Rear Axle Pinion Flange during service procedures on 9 1/4", 10 1/2" and 11 1/2" American Axles and on 2003 through Current Dodge Sprinters. 58 (26. From the Manufacturer The OEMTOOLS Tail Pipe Expander 2-1/8 Inch x 3-7/16 Inch is used to expand tailpipes so that aftermarket mufflers and tailpipes can be fitted to the exhaust system. So, much like my Turbo thread please throw in your $. housing and remove the “C” clip from the button end of the axle shaft. If so, firmly attach it to the axle using three lug nuts and firmly slap the sliding portion against the knot at the end of the handle a few times to loosen the end of the axle from the differential (a) prevent weld spatter from falling on the axle and road springs. Lower the hydraulic jack just enough to touch the tire on the ground. Axle housing 9. You may need to use the slidehammer with the axle removal attachment. Passenger side. Feb 24, 2012 · 2) remove the axles from your output flange, M8 or M10 triple square bits, 6 bolts on each flange. Carefully remove the axle shafts to prevent damage to the axle shaft bearing and axle shaft seal in the axle tube. Hub Cap 5/16 - 18 12 - 18 Minimum SAE Grade 5 fasteners, flat washers only. Bingo - axle will pull right out. Make sure this part fits your car. Remove the drive axle: to get the clearance for this you have to disconnect the two upper control arm ball joints and the steering ball joint. 0T Gen3 GLI, Volkswagen Jetta VI GLI. Ships In: 1-3 Business Days From our Facility. Drive shaft, right 8. $99. Paper roll spindle assemblies, support assemblies and packaging Price: $210. I use around 100 ft. Differential side gears Fully serviceable - Use correct tools as described in WIS controlled differential lock in forward-rear axle, cab controlled interaxle differential lock. Special Price. OEM tools out-perform the competition time after time. 00. 99. For axles that were locked up, inspect the axle shaft splines and bearing race for damage. 8-inch axle and engine main bearing caps). • Unbolt the rear drive flange from the rear diff. Double check here to make sure the rotor is sitting flat against the axle. 18") thick. If your axles have “C” clips, do the following:. 3) Remove left side axle flange, using 2 bolts to evenly press off flange. > Removing and installing gearbox > Removing and installing gearbox (vehicles with 6-cylinder engine) > Installing gearbox Pair of Axle Spacers 19mm (0. Nov 02, 2019 · 1. As you tighten the nuts against the axle housing flange, the heads push against the back of the flange. Also used to remove the Flange from the NV241, NV271 & NV273 Transfer Cases. Filler plug 25. Differential cover 27. Nov 29, 2017 · Turns out my whole hub assembly was loose, the c-clip sprung off and the outer edge of the flange was rubbing against the end of the splines at the edge of the cv axle. Easy to install with removable flange and installation tool Durable stainless steel construction for corrosion-free sealing surface that surpasses most original shaft specifications Ultra-thin construction (0. 74”), 25mm (0. Oct 05, 2021 · The 02M is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants, with the all-wheel drive models utilizing an outboard transfer case driven by the passenger side output of the final drive and differential. 020 Flange Removal. 2. You can use a hammer that has light or medium taps on the axle’s shaft. Disconnect drive shafts at the rear U-joint. If a gasket is assembled May 28, 2006 · 33 minute read. Does not include 100mm flanges found on MK4 TDI 5-speed. Step-9: Remove Gears from Third Member. 4) Remove cover plate and shift fork pivot pins from underside of transaxle. • Before unbolting the rear drive flange, use a paint stick or other marker that won’t wipe off easily to match mark the rear of the driveshaft and the drive flange at the rear diff. Use with OEM slide hammer # 27033. SKU: 02M-301-211-D. 3. Disconnect axle shafts at transaxle flanges and wire axle shafts up as high as possible. MSRP: $520. Drive shaft, left 7. This should take almost zero effort. Tighten the outer joint to 120 Nm. 8t 6 SPEED VW JETTA BEETLE MK4 02m409355a. Since gearbox 02M has two output shafts, power is either transferred via the one shaft or via the other shaft to the differential, depending on what gear is selected. NOTE: If end yoke and/or seal is to be replaced, loosen yoke nut at this time. ) Use 2 axle bolts as shown below to help you get the drive flange centre bolt out. 79m Blade Length: 158" 4. Exact camber fig Jun 26, 2014 · 5. Designed to work with most 108mm flanged MK4-MK7 manual transmissions, including 02j 02m 02q and DSG. 2003 through Current Do not use power tools. 50 shipping. 5-inch 10-bolt rear axle. Thanks! Sep 23, 2016 · Step 2: Remove the flange/yoke nut. Fits most domestic and import vehicles with independent front wheel suspension. Raise the hydraulic jack, remove the jack stand. Breakage due to use of power tools voids your remove C-locks from the axle shafts (Figure 7). WV Code: 020498085G. 2) Using a soft mallet, tap on flange end of axle shaft to remove axle shaft from tube. R 205_010 205_012 205_011 This Genuine Volkswagen Audi Drive Axle Flange - Left (Mfg#02M409343D) fits Volkswagen 337/20AE, Volkswagen Golf V 2. 42. Leave the axle carrier bracket bolted in to the motor. Torque stud to 60 Apr 02, 2016 · My front drivers side axle seal was leaking. grab the end of the chain and give it a good snap. remove the existing, toothed ring bearing, this is no longer required. Remove the six bolts (M10 triple square) that hold the inner CV joint to the output flange of transmission. Remove axle shaft stud nuts and lock washer, or cone locks if used. 02m Width: 6'-6" 1. Vehicles without a drive axle must not be moved, otherwise the wheel bearing will be damaged. It is usually done by hammering on the axle flange with a sledge or air hammer. (c) do not test the arc on the axle beam or springs. Make sure you clean off the axle rotor register and axle flange face to ensure the rotor will sit flat against the axle. See Fig. Remove engine undercover and undercover bracket. Repeat for other axle shaft. Drive Pinion Flange and Drive Pinion Seal Rear Drive Axle and Differential The axle housing assembly consists of a cast center section with two steel tube assemblies and a stamped differential housing cover (4033). Suspension Front: 14 leaf spring, 41. 6 The following tools are required for To remove the axle shaft the access hole in the axle flange must be aligned to get to the bolts behind it. DRIVE AXLE FLANGE 02M vr6 1. Then the axle will slide out of the bracket, provided the hub is out of the way. Remove pinion shaft lock A screw and pinion shaft. Unbolt the axle from the bracket. Remove the lower noise insulation. Source locally Primer for carrier, axle flange, and lock nuts Up to 1 qt. Exact camber fig Feb 12, 2021 · To remove a stuck rear axle bearing, set up the axle in a position that allows you to use a heating or flame touch. Drive pinion 29. This method is slow and often results in damaged studs which must be removed or replaced. (The other bit is a 12mm 12point bit (T40) that is used to remove the drive axle bolts. It appears from the differential diagram that the splined axle drive flange is held in by a small wire ‘C-ring’. 0T, Volkswagen Jetta IV GLI, Volkswagen Jetta VI 2. Block wheels. 9 After removing the flange screws, carefully remove the axle housing assembly from the housing assembly. Apr 02, 2016 · My front drivers side axle seal was leaking. Hold the flame on the vehicle’s bearing to allow it to heat the bearing. Golf Mk4 > Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Power transmission > 6-speed manual gearbox 02M, 02Y, all-wheel drive > Gearbox mechanics,operation, construction,diff. 8 Use a 3/8 inch socket or end wrench to remove the eight hex flange screws from the axle housing assembly. NOTE: Steam clean axle assembly. Remove front wheels. $15. Spider gears 28. Using appropriate puller and Dec 04, 2011 · Tiptronic axle drive flange removal. Crown wheel 26. Insert a new cotter pin in the axle holding the retainer. 97m Height (Ground To Mast): 7'-2" 2. The 02M uses a 240mm flywheel and clutch assembly, up from 228mm on the 5-speed 02A/02J. 98"), or 30mm (1. Removing drive axles is often frustrating and time consuming. com. First, remove the nuts that hold the axle bearing retaining plates on. Necessary for anyone extending the lower ball-joint/spindle outward 1”+. 5m Bed Height (Ground To Bed): 31 1/4" 0. Source locally Paint for carrier, axle flange, and lock nuts PSB A002 - PACCAR 40K Forward Rear Axle Pinion Side Gear Incorrectly Heat Treated Page 3 of 4 remove cover. 68. 18m Height (Max Head Position): 8'5" 2. 02 and help if you can. Step 3: Install the puller. 02M-301-189-G. gr. System and Apparatus for Removal of Toilet Paper Axle US9339154B2 (en) * 2014-07-10: 2016-05-17: Donald Rudnick: System and apparatus for removal of toilet paper axle US10544006B2 (en) 2016-03-24: 2020-01-28: Liberty Hardware Mfg. ) Seems the only thing Mar 14, 2012 · Put about a 3 ft chain attached to at least 2 studs with the lug nuts. Weights: Basic Unit with Trailer(with heaviest power option): Tongue Weight: Trailer: Axle Capacity: 3500 lbs 1587kg Tire Capacity: 1870 lbs 848. BAD CALL! I pulled the skid plate, drained the front diff and removed the flange bolts. 1. with 18 TPI. Need to install a shim kit, replace a leaking flange seal, or just swap in a different size flange? These pics will hopefully help out! First, a pic of the tools I'll be using to change the flange. C 5. The driving shaft of the puller needs to be centered as in the image above. The ABN Axle and Front Wheel Puller has a universal, flange type design for all vehicles with independent front wheel suspension, studs that are inside the drum and has 4, 5, or 6 lugs. For rear axle work on most vehicles, the OEMTOOLS 27032 Flange-Type Axle Puller saves you time, expense, and frustration. Remove the wheel. To remove the center section, remove the wheels, brake drums, and drive shaft (note: pre- 65 units have a pressed-on brake hubrequires a puller for removal). Remove the drive axle from the flange shaft/transmission. Drive flange 24. DO NOT hammer on pilot bearing stem end of axle shaft, severe damage will result. $10. VW axle flange seal kit. 01m. R 205_010 205_012 205_011 Nov 02, 2019 · 1. Remove front exhaust system with catalytic converter. I’m thinking the nut may have backed off causing the tension on the c-clip ( won’t know until I remove the flange and check the lock washer, nut, etc. To help with this, I recommend stamping them with numbers. ) 3) Use two axle bolts to assist in removal of the flange. – Oct 01, 2021 · As a result, removal of the wheel involves simply loosening off the thru-axle and pulling it out, then allowing the wheel to drop out of the frame – the chain, derailleur and brake can be left . Differential housing 30. With the bolts arranged in a triangle pattern, you turn each one a little at a time and after several turns, your flange will pop off! Torque value is for drive axle stud installation only. > Removing and installing gearbox > Removing and installing gearbox (vehicles with 6-cylinder engine) > Installing gearbox Source locally Gear oil for the hubs and axle sump. Apr 22, 2009 · Once inserted, the round heads will be towards the back of your flange. 60% off) Sale Price: $381. I have also used a punch against the back side of the flange and a 3 pound hammer with good sucess. (d) remove scale and slag from fillet welds before painting to prevent corrosion. (Bentley manual recommends replacement each use. Jun 25, 2016 · 4,743 Posts. I lowered the inboard cv axle and shaft out of the way. As indicated in Web ECAT. Special Price $16. Rear: Hendrickson equalizer beam, 8” (196mm) oscillation. 6. I have a slight gear lube leak coming from the axle drive flange on my Tiptronic (2001 Boxster S). Remove the mounting nut on the flange/yoke. Caution: Retain the planetary assemblies in the axle housing assembly during removal. 38” x 3” (1. For drive axle flange nuts, see axle manufacturer’s recommendations for proper torque. Guys, I thought I'd throw this together as I'm just about donebut due to Murphy's law something is bound to go wrong. Now crawl underneath and tighten the axle flange nuts one by one with 12mm 12 point socket or 12mm wrench. 02m axle flange removal

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